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Materials In Semiconductor

Backside protection film


  • Thin film for limited dimension.
  • For WLCSP & Fan-Out process, reduce the defect in dicing procedure.
  • Good marking performance (Good contrast/legibility, Higher UPH).
  • Good adhesion, thermal dissipation and static-free.
  • Inspection ability for IR transmission.
  • Low warpage or thin wafer handling.
  • Innovative and magnetic film for tiny wafer and LED quantum transition.
  • Qualified to replace conventional substrate.
  • Able for customization (anti-static, low Dk/Df, clear or white., etc.).
  • RoHS compliance.
  • Solvent-free.
  • Friendly storage 0~5°c.
Application process

Scope of Application

Advanced package process, heterogeneous & 3D IC, MUF, Mini & Micro LED package.



Sheet & Film type of package material

Molding Sheet/ Film series for wafer package

  • Available for WLCSP process.
  • Simple operation.
  • Well control on wafer warpage.
  • Excellent on grinding.
  • Reliable on void filling and protection avoid moisture.
  • Excellent on chemical resistance for following RDL process.
Application Process

Scope of application

SiP, WLP, WLCSP, Flip-chip, Stacked die, Fan-out, Fan-in, SAW, MUF (molding underfill).., advanced package etc.

Warpage controlling film

First leading manufacturer in Taiwan on warpage controlling film of wafer level


  • Heat resistance > 300°c.
  • Ability to control warpage and resist chemical agent for following RDL.
  • Excellent for grinding process.
  • Reliable adhesion ( also good on glass wafer).
  • Low DK.
  • Ability to fill void.
  • Enhance wafer toughness.
  • Able to customization (laser de-bond., etc.).
  • Friendly storage in 0~5 °c.
Best practice solutions for wafer protection and Fan-Out warpage controlling

Application Process​

● Advanced package process.
● heterogeneous & 3D IC.
● Wafer level package.
● Panel level package.


20~200 um

Strategic partners

● Top3 suppliers of semiconductor assembly in Taiwan
● Top3 suppliers of semiconductor assembly in Mainland

3D IC transparent film for package

3D IC transparent film for package  

Brief introduction:

ARSCO partner with the leading supplier where is capable of developing and manufacturing in Taiwan. And the series of product are competitive with Japanese source.

We also collaborate with the leading customers in the market to develop more featured products for 3D and SoC package technology. As this promising technology enables the both of vertical and horizontal stack-up to form miniaturized chipset with smaller but more functional and effective performance.

Transparent package film performs significant than conventional black film in stack-up process with multilayer of dies, and the feature benefits the process to stack-up precisely.


  • Locally develop and manufacture in Taiwan.
  • Transparent for easy stack-up.
  • Excellently chemical resistance.
  • Non-yellowing after cured.
  • No die shifting.
  • Ability for grinding.
  • Reliable adhesion.
  • Friendly storage in 0~5°c.

Scope Of Application

● Advanced package process.
● Heterogeneous & 3D IC.
● Mini & Micro LED package.

TBF built-up film

Insulating & stack-up
Taiwan Built- Up Film TBF®

Brief introduction of Built-up film:

Built-up film formulates as insulating material for Flip chip.

In reflection to miniaturization and multi-function design, the carrier and substrate package with significant materials play as the key roles for the integration of SOC and reliability of efficient computing. The dominant suppliers of Built-up film are Ajinomoto, Sekisui from Japan.

We partner with Waferchem, and lead the development and production of Taiwan Built-up film locally.
Further we collaborate with customers on the next demanding of material such as low CTE, low Dk/Df. After verification and qualification, we have supplied the relevant material to local and foreign users.

  • The major ABF substrate manufacturers are in Taiwan, and Built- up film is also made in Taiwan.
  • We’re confident and capable of supporting the growth in semiconductor.


  • Leading development and production locally in Taiwan.
  • Available for E-Cu plating process to replace RCC.
  • Thinning the total thickness, solving the problem of laser digging on BT resin.
  • Replacing the conventional insulating layer Prepreg.
  • Available for coreless substrate and thin pitch of FC-CSP.
  • Optimized flowable ability.
  • Available for customization.
  • Developed low Df and low CTE.
  • Friendly storage 0~5° , 9 months self life.
  • Local supply to shorten the lead time.
  • Rohs compliance and UL-94V0 grade.
Application Process​​

IC Substrate -ABF Substrate -resistor microelement

Product specificatio

● Product specification.
● Available for customized on color, dimension.
● Thickness 20~200um.
● Maximum width 630mm.


● We are verified and qualified by our customers, and supplying to local and foreign customers.
● Supported customers in PCB transition to ABF techniques.

Reliability trial

Test ItemTime PointResult
HTGB500/1,000 hrsPass
HTRB500/1,000 hrsPass
HAST96 hrsPass
H3TRB1,000 hrsPass
Autoclave96 hrsPass