Portfolio In Medical Disposal Devices

Meet ISO 10993 biocompatibility and irritation certificate.

Available for the device assembly where used for implant surgery, injection needle, blood vessel, and other diagnosed instrument.

Epoxy Adhesive

播放 Cured epoxy delivers perfectly physical and chemical performance, reliable assembly strength on metal and dissimilar substrates. In addition to the dielectric, low shrinkage, toughness

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PU Reactive Hotmelt (PUR)

With easy operation, permanent bonding, high productivity and cost competency, PUR is widely used for sneaker, textile, and furniture lamination.Further feature include flexibility, oil proofing,

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Functional composite coating

General and nano grade Thermal radiation Heat isolation EMI shielding Anti-dust Chemical resistance, -acid and alkalineUV-cut, reflection Anti-scratch, hardness >3H Feature Thermal radiation Heat isolation

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