Auto PTFE Tape Applicator For Sealing

In order to standardize the operation and increase the productivity, users enable to achieve the target with the innovation of thread taper machine.

Perfect on the repeatability and reliability by utilizing the tape kits and applicator, the solution can benefit with 5 times of cost-saving versus previously manual operation.

The tape kits offer the 0.0254mm thickness which is double than typical tape, mainly improve the quality and assembly time and avoid the wastage.

  • Shorten the assembly time.
    • Setting operation for 2~5 thread.
    • Quick 2 seconds for each thread.
    • Tape kits with 3/16″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ width available
  • Prioritize the quality improvement,
    • Auto operation to standardize the sealing process.
    • Entirely contact to the surface of each thread and avoid leakage.
  • Cost saving
    • Perfect 2 cycles
    • Reduce waste

General industry, electronics