Cyanoacrylate (CA) Instant Moisture Cure

As easy and quick operation for assembly, CA has been utilized in various application such as decoration, cosmetic packaging, automobile, electronics, and medical devices.

With expertise on CA application, we provide diverse formulation with methyl, ethyl, methoxy, isopropyl, butyl chemical types. Upgrade generation meets the specific requirement.

Available for medical use and manufactured with ISO 10993 regulation in the U.S.

  • Instant assembly in seconds.

  • Rubber based series to resist impact and vibration.

  • Medical grade available for medical devices, meet ISO10993-5 &-10 related to biocompatibility and skin irritation test.

  • Electronics grade available for PCB component.

  • Excellent bonding strength for various substrates.

  • Easy operation with manual and automation process
    one part instant moisture cure.

  • Low to no blooming.

General industry, electronics