Functional Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

  • One part coater ready
    • w/o crosslinker viscosity in 2,000~4,000 cps
  • Ultra clear heat and moisture resistance
    • Excellent after aging condition > 120°c ( even short-term >180°c), -40° / +85° c cycling, +65°c/85% RH
  • High molecular weight polymer performs optimized
    peeling and shear strength
    • no residue after removed Chemical and creeping resistance
  • Available for optical film and non-carrier
    • Double side coating, non-woven, PET, and PE foam
  • Simplify the formulation without requiring the additives.
  • Available for various substrates such as metal, ceramics, cement, wood, paper, fabric, fiber, porous surface., etc.
  • Reliable performance in severe and outdoor environment.

General industry, electronics , medical, and consumer grades