Nano Thermal Thin Film

The form factors of upcoming electronics design are higher speed transmission, faster computing, high power supply, smaller space of PCB and housing. However, this generates more heat as potential risk to fail. And thermal management is one of the key for success.

According to the thermal requirement and application, we provide thin film, thermal potting adhesive, liquid gap filler, and grease. These perform low thermal resistance, high wetting, insulation and productive assembly, rework ability.

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  • Ultra thin <100um for limited enclosed space.
  • Easy attach with low press.
  • Resist on -20~120 °C thermal cycling.
  • Thin bond line thickness 50~100um with low thermal resistance.
  • Thermal Impedance@50psi (℃in2/W) 0.24.
  • Rework ability

General industry, electronics