Oxygene-Free Anaerobic Adhesive

Formulated as one part and solvent-free, presenting as stable liquid while air surrounded. And the cure mechanism initiates while there’s metal contact in air free area.

Easy operation for assembly, room temp. cured, heat and chemical resistance for thread locking and sealing, solvent-free., etc. So the product series is widely used on the mechanical assembly of general industry and electronics industry.

  • The product series of anaerobic formulation provide various items to meet the diverse requirement on viscosity, reworkable and permanent strength., and other
    specific requirement.
  • Good wetting, self- leveling. Void filling, and even assembly strength prevent from single stress
    Room temp. cure, fast initial strength, reliable strength.
  • low shrinkage, 100% conversion cure to achieve uniform sealing.
  • Outstanding performance on reliability.
  • Available for bonding, sealing, and gap filling.

General industry, electronics