PCBA Functional Coating

PCBA functional coating
(protection and EMI shielding)

5G, Wi-Fi, RF, Noise Prevention, AI are form factors for thin Smart Folded Phone, Smart watch, Flexible PCB with required swear, seawater proof.

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  • One part reactive material, available for spraying and dispensing.
    • Self-leveling with thixotropy rheology, form flexible and bendable layer.
  • Reliable tensile strength and adhesion.
    • Excellent water and chemical resistance and withstand the sweat and seawater.
  • EMI shielding coating-outperforming on EMI & EMS.
    • Improve the signal on high and low frequency.
    • Conduct heat diffusion on both XY & Z axis, K=6~8 W/mk, EMI> 60 dbm.
  • Thinner for dimension saving >30%,
    significant to mechanical of next generation.
    • Available for both of rigid and flexible PCB.
    • Forming toughness polymer to resist impact.

General industry, electronics