PU Reactive Hotmelt (PUR)

With easy operation, permanent bonding, high productivity and cost competency, PUR is widely used for sneaker, textile, and furniture lamination.
Further feature include flexibility, oil proofing, and insulation, where are adopted by electronics manufacturers.

With the upgraded formulation to enhance the specific performance on higher impact resistance and reliability, rework ability. PUR has been extended to diverse application of electronics devices.

With the wide range of formulated combination in PU, the product series provide several selection on color appearance, rheology and physical strength.
And these make PUR as one of the prioritized solution.

  • One part moisture cure, high initial strength for on-line assembly.
  • Main structure assembly.
  • Variant operation parameter (heating temp. V.S open time).
  • Capability on gap filling.
  • Thinner bond line and thickness.
  • Excellent reliability assembly for most metal and plastic substrates.

General industry, electronics , medical.