UV LED Light Cure Adhesive And Coating

In the trend of miniaturized design, bonding assembly with light cure adhesive is the effective solution to solve the defect caused by mechanical or ultrasonic assembly.

Light cure adhesive is designed for fast curing mechanism, performs transparent and reliable bonding strength on both flexible and rigid substrates such as PVC, PC, metal ., etc.

Instant cure under UV LED light
• Medical ISO10993 certificate.
• Excellent assembly on dissimilar substrates.
• Transparent and colorless.
• 100% solid content without solvent.

  • High transmittance
  • Available for bonding and coating.
  • Reliable strength UV resistance Anti-blue light.
  • Common use for mask /cushion , needle/hub assembly.
  • Surface protection coating.
  • Multi- layer structure bonding.

General industry, electronics