Consuming Goods

We have strong experience in the application of adhesives and films in the consuming goods market. We keep provide best value solution for highest customer satisfaction.

Designed film for vehicle use, resistance on the serve environment.

Automobile industry

Scope of application

Films’ function with anti-scratch, body protection, thermal resistance, lamp protection individually for vehicle.., w/o residual after removed.

Optical clear film with excellent UV resistance for outdoor application. The optimized peeling and shear strength provide the permanent lamination without creeping.

Ultra clear, good reliability, waterproofing, oil proofing, non-yellowing

Scope of application

Film lamination for outdoor window and advertising board, and beverage label, typically concern the long-term reliability.

Reliable adhesion, transparent, chemical resistance, removable, repositionable, permanent series and coater ready.

Transparent thin film, optical grade, polarizer, diffusion film

Scope of application

Light emitted film, protection, polarizer.

Performance equivalent to major suppliers in NA and EU.

Functional tape

Scope of application

Tapes for personal and industrial use.

Anti-corrosion, antibacterial, waterproof, anti-fouling, flame retardant, anti-wrinkle, soft, bright, moisture permeable and anti-static and other functions.

Functional additive

Scope of application.

Antistatic agent and surface promoter.
Improved adhesion after printing.
Plastic film and sheet.