Consuming Goods

Our rich experience in applications of adhesive and film material continue to provide the best valuable solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

Consuming Goods

Rubber and Acrylic based PSA are the major types in the market, and further extended to relevant products based on diverse material, formulation and application. We provide you the right product solution to meet your need.

One part and self-crosslinking, coater ready, no required crosslinker. Another one with ultra clear and high temp. resistance, durable adhesion for outdoor and balanced adhesion for optical film.

Protection On Vehicle Body

Optical clear film with excellent UV resistance for outdoor application. The optimized peeling and shear strength provide the permanent lamination without creeping.

Windshield and window of vehicle

Car body

UV-cut coating on lamp housing

Light Emitted Film, Protection, Polarizer

Available for polarizer and diffusion film, reliable adhesion, transparent, chemical resistance, removable, repositionable, permanent series and coater ready.

Adhesive for diffusion film

Transparent film

Optical clear film

Ultra Clear Durable Advertisement And Label

Functional PSA available for film lamination on outdoor window and advertising board, and beverage label, typically concern the long-term reliability.

Graphics label on window

Durable adhesive for outdoor advertisement

Waterproofing adhesive for specific label

High Performance Tape

Functional PSA performs excellent adhesion, heat resistance and processing ability for daily use.

Removable and reused adhesive

General tape

Industrial tape

Functional Additive

Antistatic agent, surface promoter, plastic film and sheet.

Eco water repellent

Stiffening agent

Antistatic agent and surface promoter