Intelligence Industry

We target on general industrial, consumer and automotive electronics, medical and optical grade fields to provide 3D printing equipment and materials to accelerate the efficiency of new product research and development, and also to provide innovative adhesives for assembly, functional protective coatings, and heat dissipation materials to upgrade the effectiveness and efficiency of production.

Light-cured 3D printing materials

3D printing equipment and material

Scope of application

High resolution and great appearance.
Faster printing speed.
Low infrastructure cost.
Easy change over for managing multiple materials for the same equipment.
Broad range of high-performance materials including high impact resistance, toughness, and high temp resistance etc.

Mobile Device and Component

Structure bonding, sealant and coating with waterproofing, scratch resistance, and thermal radiation.

Scope of application

Intelligent folded phone, smartwatch, 3D AR glasses, multi-function camera, and other electronic devices with application for housing assembly, water-proofing, scratch resistance, protection film.., etc.

PCBA assembly solution in addition to sweat and seawater proofing, EMI shielding., etc.

Best practice with auto operation for glass, plastic, rubber, metal and other dissimilar substrates assembly.
Ex: Tread locking and sealing on SUS pipe to alloy fitting to prevent from pneumatic and hydraulic leakage.

Functional structural adhesive and sealant

Scope of application

The value proposition with product solutions for smart TV, intelligent white goods, AR glasses, TWS earphone.., etc.

Solutions for wearable devices. Thermally conductive materials that protect electronics from the environment, improve reliability, facilitate heat transfer, and strong, thin structural adhesives. constitute a comprehensive solution.

The part of key requirements includes safety, environment friendly, and insulation with non flammability for thermal dissipation application

Thermal dissipation material for electronic components

Scope of application

Thermal dissipation module for server, in-can of semiconductor, and heat generator of electronics device.

Application materials for potting, encapsulation, structure bonding and thermal management to ensure the reliability and workability of end device

Encapsulant and functional coating

Scope of application

Total solution from structure bonding, frame sealing, thermal interface material, noise prevention for sensor, connecting port, and signal transceiver of networking PCBA.

Featured materials with moisture and water resistance, insulation, thermal cycling and shock resistance, absorbing impact.., etc.

Bonding and sealing

Scope of application

PCB assembly

  • Protection and potting on memory card, anti-vibration with waterproofing on AIOT cable, reinforced bonding on FPCB, and thermal dissipation thin film

Main body structure and trim part

  • Structure bonding, frame sealing, gap filling, waterproofing, scratch resistance and thermal radiation coating.
Thermal interface material has been adopted as part of thermal module. And the key of efficient factors is to balance the thermal conductivity (K value) and impedance.

Thermal dissipation material

Scope of application

pad and sheet of thermal patch, silicone based, tape and liquid gel of thermal grease, adhesive, potting gel.

Sealant, adhesive, underfill, thermal dissipation material to complete the overall reliability on electronics device

Upgraded protection coating and EMI shielding coating

Scope of application

Package solution including components’ assembly, PCB, peripheral assembly, and thermal management.

Best practice to fulfill the functionality and reliability, EMI shielding, miniaturized design and assembly productivity.

Seconds light cure mechanism of LED/UV adhesives.
Apply for potting, bonding and sealing with ISO 10993 medical certificate

Medical grade adhesive

Scope of application

The next generation of adhesives perform reliable.

Quality with cost saving for the injection needle, catheter, cusion mask of disposable devices.

The packaged solution including PCBA protection, underfill, potting, bonding, thermal dissipation, and functional coating

General industry and automobile electronics

Scope of application

Generator, computing controller, functional sensor, ADAS system, and LED lamp.