Intelligence Industry

We continue to create new application solutions and to collaborate with our international customer for their new product innovation and cross-border cooperation.

Intelligence Industry


Multi-functional protection coating

  • General and Nano grade
    • Thermal radiation
    • Heat isolation
    • EMI shielding
    • Anti-dust
    • Chemical resistance, -acid and alkaline
    • UV-cut, reflection
    • Anti-scratch, hardness >3H

PCBA Functional Coating (protection and EMI shielding)

  • One part reactive material, available for spraying and dispensing.
    • Self-leveling with thixotropy rheology, form flexible and bendable layer.
  • Reliable tensile strength and adhesion.
    • Excellent water and chemical resistance and withstand the sweat and seawater.
  • EMI shielding coating- outperforming on EMI & EMS.
    • Improve the signal on high and low frequency.
    • Conduct heat diffusion on both XY & Z axis, K=6~8 W/mk, EMI> 60 dbm.
  • Thinner for dimension saving >30%, significant to mechanical of next generation.
    • Available for both of rigid and flexible PCB.
    • Forming toughness polymer to resist impact.

Protection Solution on PCBA of AIOT Controlling Network

  • In AIOT trend, higher transmission with streaming datacenter and large computing analysis at the same time, these spend more power and generate more heat.
  • The total package solutions on AIOT PCBA enable fulfill the needs with functional coating, potting, thermal dissipation film, thermal sealant.

Nano thermal thin film

  • Nutra thin <100um for limited enclosed spac.
    • Easy attach with low press.
    • Thin bond line thickness 25~50um with low thermal resistance.
    • Rework ability
  • Heat dissipation and potting product.
    • Room temp. cure, UL94V0 grade.
    • Resist to high voltage and impact , low Df.
  • Thermal Gel.

Propose thermal management solution to increase heat transfer efficiency, work life of chipset and overall effectiveness.

General Industry and Auto Electronics

With 20 years involvement in developing application and challenging market, we provide the new generation and competitive products for requirement in general and auto electronics industry.

  • Featured materials with moisture and water resistance, insulation, thermal cycling and shock resistance, absorbing impact.., etc.
  • Product pipeline includes UV LED light cure adhesive and coating, Anaerobic thread locker, Epoxy, PUR hotmelt, CA instant adhesive, thermal dissipation material, protection coating, and chipset protection film.

PCB Assembly

  • Protection and potting on memory card.
  • Anti-vibration with waterproofing on AIOT cable.
  • Reinforced bonding on FPCB.
  • Thermal dissipation thin film.

main structure and Appearance parts

  • Structure bonding
  • Frame sealing
  • Gap filling
  • Waterproofing
  • Scratch resistance and thermal
  • Radiation coating

General Industry

Thread Locker

  • One part reactive material.
  • Available for spraying and dispensing.
  • Self-leveling with thixotropy rheology.
  • Form flexible and bendable layer.

Retaining Compounds

  • Easy operation and assembly.
  • No Stress after assembly, avoid substrate fatigue.
  • High strength and reliability.
  • Thermal resistance.

Sealant for Pneumatic and Hydraulic Devices

  • Seal and fill the thread pitch and gap.
  • Preventing from the leakage and resisting to solvent and chemical solution.
  • Perform toughness structure to resist impact and loosening.
  • No contaminate the pipe.
  • Reduce friction with lubricating effect

Epoxy for potting and bonding

  • Max. temp. resistance up to 180°c in long term, 230 °c in short term.
  • Low vis. version for good wetting and high vis. paste version for large gap filling.
  • Good impact and vibration resistance.
  • Available for various substrates including composite, plastic, ceramic, glass, stone, and wood.

This superior product is made in Germany which can be processed in long working time and room temp.  It poses non-flowable and higher viscosity to meet for vertical assembly and to avoid flooding.

Sealant for gap filling, waterproof and high temp resistance

  • Anti-vibration and chemical resistance.
  • Easy operation.
  • Reliability and stability.
  • Available for general application, such as tooling machine, vehicle, factory maintenance, energy and power device, insulation of electrical box.

Sealants for metal casting

  • Easy operation.
  • 100% cured without shrinkage.
  • Cured product is resistant to aging and chemical.
  • Seal ultra-fine holes.
  • Don’t corrode metals.
  • Harmless to the environment and the operators.

Auto PTFE tape applicator for sealing

  • Perfect on the repeatability and reliability by utilizing the tape kits and applicator.
  • The solution can benefit with 5 times of cost-saving versus previously manual operation.

Medical Disposable Device

Medical Disposable Device

  • Meet ISO 10993 biocompatibility and irritation certificate.
  • Available for the device assembly where used for implant surgery, injection needle, blood vessel, and other diagnosed instrument.