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Intelligence Industry

3 D printing application and creative structure assembly adhesive


Materials for wafer level package and Flip Chip

Construction Material And Public Art Work

Structural glazing adhesive, gap filler and sealant, sealant for UV resistance, reliability and outdoor

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Optical clear reliability label advertisement optical polarizer and diffuser film

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Based on your demand, we provide customized material for specific application to solve your problems in all process of product design, material application, and production.

Providing 3D printing application

Providing value solutions for mechanical assembly, and functional materials

Giving suggestion for thermal management

Delivering customized material for specific application

Assisting in evaluation for engineering verification

Supporting extension for cross regions

3D printing light cure device and material

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The best cooperation plan selection

Core PCB
Main Structure And Housing Parts

Thermal Management EMI Shielding

Meet ISO 10993 Certificate Biocompatibility
For Medical Disposable Device

Meet ISO 10993-10 Skin Irritation Test

Removable Without Residule Chemical And Plasticizer Resistance

Ultra Clear and Reliability

High Precision
High Effectivess
For 3D Printing Equipment And Material

Hight performance 3D printing

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